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Color Coated Aluminum Coil

    1. Acrylic Coated Aluminum Coil
    2. Acrylic Coated Aluminum Coil Thickness of coating film: ≥12μm
      Glossiness deviation: When glossiness < 70, the tolerance ≤10
      Pencil hardness: ≥HB
      Adhesive force: ≥ grade 1
    1. PE Coated Aluminum Coil
    2. PE Coated Aluminum Coil Thickness of coating film: ≥16μm
      Glossiness deviation: When glossiness < 70, the tolerance ≤10
      Pencil hardness: ≥HB
      Adhesive force: ≥ grade 1
    1. PVDF Coated Alumnium Foil Coil
    2. PVDF Coated Alumnium Foil Coil Thickness of coating film: ≥25μm
      Glossiness deviation: When glossiness <70, the tolerance ≤10
      Pencil hardness: ≥HB
      Adhesive force: ≥ grade 1

Our aluminum foil coils, or aluminum foil rolls are made from high quality aluminum. Additionally, we adopt advanced production techniques and leading roller coating technology during aluminum foil production. Hence, our aluminum foil rolls are characterized by high flatness, uniform and bright color. Due to our adoption of superior quality raw materials and coating material, our aluminum foil coils are durable, acid and alkali resistant, corrosion resistant, wearing resistant, and UV resistant, etc.
Aluminium foil rolls are also easy to be processed.

Aluminum foil specifications
  • Dimension
    Thickness: 0.036mm-0.60mm
    Width: 1200mm-1500mm
  • A variety of aluminium foil coil colors are available.
Production process for aluminium foil rolls
    Chromating Line
  • Unwinding
  • Degrease (brush)
  • Degrease (dipping bath)
  • Neutralization
  • Chromating
  • Drying
  • Rewinding

The chromating line, a kind of surface treatment line, functions to clean the lubricating grease, anti-oxidization grease, silicon, magnesium, copper and many other impurities on the surface of aluminum foil.

During chromating for our aluminium foils, we acquire high quality chemical raw materials and technologies from Germany Henkel Group to guarantee surface treatment quality. After surface treatment, the aluminium foil surface will be covered with a layer of high intensity honeycomb-style oxide film. This oxide film functions as an agent to make paint and aluminum foil adhesive with each other.

Precision coating line
  • Unwinding
  • Drying
  • 3-roller coating
  • Baking finish
  • Transfer
  • Storage
  • QC
  • Rewinding

The precision line functions to coat paints on chromated aluminum foil rolls. We adopt high precision three-roll reverse coating machines to conduct surface coating in enclosed and dust free environment. Thus, the coating thickness and coating quality can both be guaranteed.

The oven is divided into four temperature-controllable sections. This ensures the optimum condition of surface coating's solvent resistance, hardness, and flexibility, etc. Hence, our surface coated aluminum foil coils are characterized by high glossiness, strong adhesive force and corrosion resistance.

The appearance quality of the surface coating for aluminum foil coils
Surface defects Measurement standard Tolerance range
Superior quality aluminum foil rolls Standard aluminium foil rolls
Ripple   Not allowable Not apparent
Bubble ≤10mm Not allowable ≤1 pcs/m
Blemish ≤3mm ≤ 3 pcs/m ≤10pcs/m
Scratch Total length Not allowable ≤100mm/m
Abrasion Total area Not allowable ≤300mm/m
Color difference Not apparent △E≤2 △E≤2
The physical and mechanical performance of coated aluminum foil coils
Item Technical requirement
For exterior wall use For interior wall use
Coating thickness (μm) ≥25 ≥12
Glossiness deviation When glossiness ≤70, the tolerance ≤10
When glossiness ≥70, the tolerance ≤ 5
Pencil hardness ≥HB
Adhesive force ≥ grade 1
Shock resistance 50kg cm, no crack
Coating flexibility ≤2 ≤3
Boiling water resistance Make no difference within 24h
Chemical stability Smudge resistance ≤15% /
Acid resistance 2% HCL, make no difference within 24h
Alkali resistance 2% NaOH, make no difference within 24h
Solvent resistance 20#engine oil, make no difference within 24h
Washability ≥10000 times, make no different
Resistance to artificial weather conditions Color difference ≤3.0 /
Chalkiness grade ≥ grade 2 /
Aging 0 /
Salt fog resistance ≥ grade 2 /

In addition to aluminum foil coils, we can also produce many other construction materials, like aluminium composite panels, aluminium plates, and etc. All our products have reached international level quality standard and technical standard. For example, our aluminum composite panels have passed the test by National Research Center of Testing Techniques for Building Materials.

Due to their reliable quality, environmentally friendliness, and low price, our aluminum foil rolls, and silicone adhesives, etc. are sought after by customers from Russia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, India, and Singapore, to name a few. We are located in Shanghai, the largest port city in China. This location provides us with easy access to information, low cost labor, and transportation. Hence, we can provide our building materials at lower prices.
We appreciate your visit to Jixiang Building Materials Group Company, an aluminum foil coil manufacturer in China.

Company Brief: Jixiang Building Materials Group Company, is a professional aluminum composite panel manufacturer in China. Our primary products are various aluminum composite panels, including PE aluminum composite panel, PVDF aluminum composite panel, mirror aluminum composite panel, brushed aluminum composite panel and so on. Due to their good weather resistance, corrosion resistance and stain resistance, our aluminum composite panels are extensively used for exterior and interior building decorations. Other construction products like aluminum coil, silicone sealant and purpose adhesive are also available here.